Independent Advocacy

Ceartas Advocacy provides Independent Advocacy to adults (aged 16 or over) who are normally resident in East Dunbartonshire.  We prioritise working with nine groups of people:

Advocacy Work

Ceartas welcomes referrals from Social Work, Health Professionals, carers (professional or unpaid), friends, neighbours, family members, and of course you can refer yourself for Independent Advocacy.

Independent Advocacy is independent of any other service provider, like Social Work or the NHS. Independent Advocacy works on your behalf, to make your voice stronger, and is free of charge.

Read our Advocacy Stories to gain a better understanding of how Independent Advocacy can help


Ceartas Advocacy facilitates a number of groups in the local area:

Other Services

Ceartas Advocacy works with other local and national partner organisations to deliver services to our core user groups:

Training and Consultancy

Ceartas Advocacy can offer training, consultancy and event facilitation in a number of areas.