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A little bit of #MondayMotivation for you.

Our free advice, simple guides and interactive templates make it simple to put good health, safety and wellbeing practices in place in your workplace:


Workers spend on average 67 days a years sitting at their desks. Here's some ways to stay active:
1. Take hourly breaks
2. Go out for lunch
3. Stand instead of sitting
4. Exercise for 10 minutes
5. Take the stairs
6. Sit on an exercise ball
7. Walk company pets

East Dunbartonshire HSCP's consultation on their draft Communications Strategy (2019-2021) and draft Participation and Engagement Strategy (2019-2021) ends on February 29th.

You can see the draft strategies, and complete the online survey, at

Mission Statement:

Ceartas provides an advocacy service for people in East Dunbartonshire irrespective of their cultural background, gender, beliefs or sexuality.
We are committed to providing a service based on the principles of equality, fairness and justice. We strive to ensure that the views and opinions of individuals are heard and respected, affecting in a positive way the lives of people using the service.
We have a responsibility to provide this service, ensuring the rights of individuals are always central, in compliance with national advocacy standards.


  1. To ensure more people are involved, in control and able to influence decisions affecting them.
  2. To provide independent accessible services which are responsive to the needs of the people and communities we serve.
  3. To enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of Ceartas services.