Ceartas Staff Members:

There is no formal pathway into Advocacy work, or the Information Work, Peer Support and other roles that staff members carry out within Ceartas. The staff team comes from a diverse range of previous employment, and has a wide range of skills and experience.

What the staff team do have in common is empathy and compassion, respect for other people, an understanding of human rights, and being thrawn enough to do something about putting wrongs to right.

Ceartas tries its hardest to look after its staff, the organisation is a ‘Positive About Disabled People’ employer, a ‘See Me’ Pledge signatory, and has been awarded the gold Healthy Working Lives Award.

Staff Team
Aileen: Advocacy Worker

Aileen originally joined Ceartas in 2015, but left in late 2016 on maternity leave. The team were delighted to welcome Aileen back to her role as Advocacy Worker when she returned 2020, & the fact this was during the COVID pandemic made her return even more exciting – great to have you back Aileen!

Alex: Advocacy Worker

Alex has been with Ceartas since April 2016, she works across the whole range of advocacy activities, supporting people to make choices and have their rights upheld and their preferences respected.

Muleya: Advocacy Lead

Muleya joined Ceartas in October 2021 in the role of Advocacy Lead. She has 12 years’ experience  as an advocacy worker and thinks of herself as a human rights defender, for people of all walks of life. Muleya enjoys recycling and re-using to save the planet (and to find a bargain, of course).

Kenny: Development Worker (CCC Project)

Kenny joined the Ceartas team back in January 2021 – a new face for the New Year! It’s Kenny’s role to get people involved with Ceartas and other local services through a range of exciting activities. When he’s not doing that, you’ll find him on the tennis court or doing something creative.

Michelle: Dementia Link Worker

Michelle supports the De Cafés and all the peer-support dementia groups, as well as providing dementia information and referrals to other services .

Patricia: Business Support Lead

Patricia started work for Ceartas in 2005 on a temporary basis – she’s still here! Patricia is in charge of finance, payroll and admin for Ceartas.

Ronnie: Marketing & Fundraising Assistant

Ronnie is responsible for publicity materials, social media, and the website. He also searches for and applies for additional sources of funding for non-core activities.

Sharon: Chief Officer

Sharon has been with Ceartas for over 15 years, starting off as an Advocacy Worker and now in charge of the day-to-day running of the service.

Outside of work, Sharon loves reading crime fiction, and is an avid book blogger.

Susie: Advocacy Worker

Susie joined Ceartas in 2007, she is an Advocacy Worker with a background in Social Work. Susie supports people to have their choices respected, their rights upheld, and their views heard.