Board Members:

Ceartas is both a company limited by guarantee and a charity. As such, members of our Board are referred to as either as Directors (company) or Trustees (charity).

Ceartas has a strong board of volunteer Directors / Trustees, with a wide range of skills and experience that bring strong governance and direction to the organisation. Being a volunteer on our Board is an unpaid role that requires a degree of commitment, and as such we do not expect Board members to stay in post indefinitely.

When Board vacancies arise, they will be advertised on the Goodmoves website.

Board Meeting
Catherine Bradley

Catherine has a wealth of experience with staff and volunteer management, and with effective collaborative working across the Third Sector. She is a member of the Finance Sub-Committee.

Duncan Stevenson
Alan Geekie: Treasurer

Alan had a career in Banking and was an Auditor for many years. He brings his skills and experience to the Finance Sub-Committee, and to ensuring that appropriate governance structures are in place.

Anne McNair

Anne has extensive experience in education, working as an art teacher and then a graphic designer for local authorities, and latterly as an elected member in East Dunbartonshire. Her interest in Ceartas was sparked by the quality of support offered to her constituents during her period in office.

Sandra Peat

Sandra lives locally and has previously worked with both East Dunbartonshire Council and Clackmannanshire Council. Formerly a trustee of children’s charity Children 1st, Sandra now consults in Human Resources Management.

David Wiseman: Chair

David has extensive experience in Social Work and working for COSLA, he was also Acting Chief Executive of the Care Inspectorate prior to his retirement. David brings a wealth of skills and experience to the role of Chair of the Ceartas Board, which enriches the entire organisation.