Independent Advocacy and Children’s Hearings:

Ceartas Advocacy can support adults who are normally resident in East Dunbartonshire, and who fall into one of our eight support categories, if they have to attend a Children’s Panel or a Children’s Hearing. At the moment there is a gap in funded provision for Independent Advocacy for children in the area, but options may be available if a child requires advocacy support. Please contact the office if you wish to discuss these options.

Childrens Hearings:

Children’s Hearings are a system which is distinct and separate from the courts system. The Children’s Panel, which is a group of lay people (ie not lawyers, social workers or other involved professionals), can hear evidence at the Children’s Hearing about a child or young person’s circumstances and behaviour, as well as their own thoughts and feelings about it. You can find more information about Children’s Hearings on the Children’s Hearings Scotland website.