Ceartas works alongside East Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau to support people in East Dunbartonshire with disabilities and long-term conditions to apply for DWP Benefits, Allowances and Payments. These include things like Employment and Support Allowance (ESA); Personal Independence Payment (PIP); Attendance Allowance (AA) and Pension Credits.

Our colleagues at Citizens Advice Bureau are fully trained  and up-to-date with the latest developments in DWP Welfare Benefits, so we always refer Ceartas service users there for completing forms in the best way; but we work with people who have been asked to attend assessments for ESA and PIP. As well as accompanying people to the Assessment itself, we will meet the service user beforehand to help them prepare for the assessment.

DWP Assessments are scored on the basis of ‘descriptors’, which could be something like ‘able to walk a certain distance’, ‘able to prepare a meal’. The answers to these questions about these descriptors can and do make the difference between the person receiving the benefit they require and not receiving the benefit they require.

This is why we refer back to copies of the submitted form, and make sure that claimants understand the descriptors, remember what they wrote on the form, and thereby maximise their chances of scoring the points they need to qualify for the benefits, allowances and payments they need in order to live.