Our Client Groups

Ceartas Advocacy provides Independent Advocacy to adults (people aged 16 or over) who are normally resident in East Dunbartonshire. We prioritise working with nine groups of people:

A group of Service Users
We can support anyone who falls into one of these groups through formal processes like:

We can support people falling onto our service user categories and who have children going through Children’s Hearings and Children’s Panels. There is some funded Independent Advocacy provision for children in East Dunbartonshire, but there are gaps in service provision for children – contact the Ceartas office if you want to discuss advocacy for children.

We support adults from our service user groups to attend DWP Assessments for PIP and ESA, working alongside our colleagues from East Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau.

We can also support adults in the nine groups through more informal situations, to resolve issues with housing, provision of support services, case conferences and reviews, or any other situation where a bit of extra support might be helpful.