Still Game

Still Game is a group of people who have lived experience of the services offered here at Ceartas Advocacy. This group is for those who wish to be a bit more involved in the planning at Ceartas that want to help improve the service for current and future users. Ceartas welcomes this sort of involvement – who better to provide recommendations than the service users themselves!

Still Game is a lively social group with representation from most of our service user groups. Members are welcome to bring supporters and carers with them. There is a working aspect to the group, but we try to keep it as lighthearted and fun as we can.


You can find out more about Still Game’s membership here.

If you have used Ceartas Advocacy’s services, and you are interested in taking part in Still Game, there are contact details at the bottom of the page. Please contact us first, as we need to be prepared for the number of people attending and their individual support needs

Still Game normally meets at Ceartas’ offices in Kirkintilloch on the first Tuesday of the month, between 12:00 and 2:00 – a light lunch is provided. Transport can be arranged if necessary.

The aims of Still Game are:

  • To give people regular opportunities to have their say about Ceartas
  • To encourage people to make a vital contribution to decisions and future development of Ceartas
  •  To provide opportunities for people to get involved in the life of Ceartas.
  •  To provide an informal opportunity for people to get together and have fun!

If you are interested in Still Game and would like to get involved, please contact Linda McGavin on 0141 775 0433, or email

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