Ceartas’ principal activity is Independent Advocacy, but in order to fulfil our Mission Statement and achieve our Outcomes we need to reach out further into the community and engage with a wide range of people from all across East Dunbartonshire. This is not work that we are contracted or funded to do, so as a charity Ceartas relies on donations to continue this work.

Ceartas does specific pieces of work around some of the nine community care groups that we cover, specifically:

This page should give you an idea of the impact that this work has on individual people across the area, and of the value that people attach to that work. But don’t take our word for it: listen to what other people say about Ceartas and the work that we do.

Why Do People Need Advocacy?

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Dementia Work

Ceartas offers a wide range of additional services to people with dementia. Some of these, like the Dementia Advisory Clinics and the Woodlands Memory Group, are contracted and funded; but other aspects of our work are not:

Acquired Brain Injury Work

Ceartas works in partnership with Headway Glasgow to run ABI Café, a monthly meeting of people affected by Acquired Brain Injury. ABI Café provides an informal and friendly setting for people affected by ABI to share experiences, get information and advice, but also to try and do something to raise the profile of Acquired Brain Injury.

In 2012, Ceartas supported the group to run an ABI Seminar in Kirkintilloch. The group wanted health professionals to understand the short and long-term effects of Acquired Brain Injury. Professor Tom McMillan, a neuropsychologist at the University of Glasgow, used his address to the seminar to directly answer the points that the ABI Café group had raised. Thanks to this seminar, many people learned more about their own condition in one morning than they had in several years beforehand.

Buoyed up by the success of the 2012 event, in 2013 we hosted another ABI Seminar, this time looking at ‘Memory Problems and Changes in Identity following Brain Injury’ with Dr. Pamela Brown of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust. Again, the response from the community, the professionals and all the support organisations and charities was fantastic: by getting service users, support providers, statutory service providers and clinical experts together in the one room, we were able to facilitate a real and meaningful conversation about what it is to live with a brain injury.

Putting events like the ABI Seminars together involves a lot of work, from co-ordinating speakers and venues, through to organising catering, transport and support for participants with extra support needs. It all costs money, but the benefits to the members of ABI Café are enormous. We also hope that by asking for better information from, and providing feedback to, health and social work professionals we will improve the quality of information given to all people with an Acquired Brain Injury.

We are currently working on this years’ ABI Seminar. f you would like to contribute to the work of ABI Café, you can contact us at our offices in Kirkintilloch or email info@ceartas.org.uk.