Wheelchair user and support

Independent Advocacy and Physical Disability

Independent advocacy is a way to help you to make your voice stronger and to have as much control as possible over your own life. Advocacy Workers do not make decisions on your behalf and they will not put words in your mouth. Independent Advocacy will help you get the information you need to make good choices, and give you the help you need to express yourself clearly.

Independent Advocacy can support people with a Physical Disability to access the information and services they need to live independently, to get the appliances and adaptations they need to live comfortably in their environment, and to put in place plans for the lifestyle they want to live.

Physical Disability

The definition of a disability can be a very contentious subject: the social model of disability is different to the medical model; the legal definition of a disability is not the same as either of those; and disability has another meaning again across the benefits and tax system.

In very general terms, a physical disability is an enduring condition which adversely affects the physical function of the body to such an extent that it impacts on the person’s everyday activities. This can include absence or loss of limbs, functional impairment of limbs, fine or gross motor control problems, or balance or co-ordination problems.

Despite recent legislation and adaptations to improve the quality of the environment for people with a physical disability, there are still significant problems which people can face:

Physical access issues.

Transport issues.

Discrimination and exclusion.

Although equalities legislation has put in place the broad principles of equality for people with disabilities, there are still specific instances where a physical disability can place someone at a disadvantage.

Other Support for Physical Disability

East Dunbartonshire Council has a Social Work Team dedicated to Physical Disability and Sensory Impairment. Even if you have never accessed Social Work services, or think that you do not need them, it may still be worthwhile contacting Social Work to discuss your options and what they can do for you.

DisabledGo offers comprehensive information about accessibility all across the UK for people with a physical disability, featuring more than 120,000 places of interest. There is a page on the DisabledGo website specifically for East Dunbartonshire, with accessibility information for all sorts of local resources.

Quarriers offers support to people with a physical disability in East Dunbartonshire in a couple of locations.

Contact Point is a local charity which caters for people with physical and learning disabilities, as well as sensory impairments. Contact Point is situated at:

The Park Centre
45 Kerr Street
G66 1LF

You can phone or fax Contact Point on 0141 578 0183