The Ceartas team take part in resilience and wellbeing training

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Course: Building resilience and wellbeing

The Ceartas team took part in ‘Building resilience and wellbeing’ training at Woodhill Evangelical Church, on Tuesday the 10th January. 

The course is designed to provide people with self-awareness and skills to strengthen their personal resilience. Using practical techniques, staff were able to consider stress triggers and how to identify/manage them when they arise. These skills are very important in our particular line of work and can be helpful in both professional and personal situations for all members of the team.

The course is run by the Samaritans and aims to;

  • Explore the connection between emotional health and resilience, and consider why we need resilience.
  • Assess personal resilience traits.
  • Recognise the indicators of stress and identify sources of support.
  • Introduce the Keys to Resilience – the knowledge, behaviours and skills which can enhance our resilience.
  • Identify practical steps we can take to build resilience.
  • Build a personalised action plan.


For more information about the course please visit the Samaritans website 

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