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On Tuesday De Café Bearsden welcomed Lindsay from Betty’s Bistro to discuss a bit about the service:

“Sometimes as dementia progresses a pleasurable activity eg. going to a restaurant can become more difficult. Bield Housing recognise this and offer Come Dine with Me experiences to help people with dementia, carers, family and friends enjoy the experience of eating out together.  These experiences are available at Mary’s Kitchen in Kirkintilloch and at Wee Betty’s Bistro in Milngavie. They are a series of monthly dining sessions where staff from Bield are on hand to serve food from a special menu in the centres’ dining rooms, they can also assist with personal care needs if required. You can bring your own bottle, the service is free but most people who use the service make a small donation.”

More info here


Rose Barr from Carers Link visited De Café Kirkintilloch on Friday to discuss Emergency Planning and the benefits of having a plan in place in the event of an unforeseen event, so whoever views it can get up to speed with your particular care needs immediately. Rose then chatted with those at the Café individually to discuss a bit more about what information is most important and how to make it available and easy to access.

More information here


Extended team meeting and team lunch on Tuesday



A member of the team went to a CPA meeting, Care Programme Approach used when planning for a person’s mental health care. The role of advocacy was to meet with the person prior to the meeting, discuss their views and support them to make these clear at the meeting itself.

More info on CPA available here


A member of the team met with a young man for a Transition Review-

Transition refers to the change of a young person’s care plan when moving from child services to adult services. This particular case was in regards to a young man leaving school and considering what options were available, and how there would impact their particular care needs, and the meetings to follow.

This role of advocacy in this process can help reduce the chance of ‘a ”cliff-edge” where someone reaching the age of 18 who is already receiving support will suddenly find themselves without the care and support they need at the point of becoming an adult.’


In regards to above mentioned transition work, Ceartas along with partners Clyde FC Community Foundation and Active Schools are delighted to announce that a second year of Get Set & Go will be taking place at Merkland School this year.

A taster session for pupils and parents took place on Friday to introduce both to the course. The course mixes themes of advocacy, self-directed support, healthy living and the skills needed to use all effectively like confidence, choice, decision making before reinforcing them out on the sports field. The course is due to start Friday 21st April and finish Friday 9th June and feature a wide range of sports under the ‘athletics’ bracket.


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