Shop online? You can raise money for your favourite charity and it costs you absolutely nothing..

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Heard of Us neither until recently… Easy Fundraising is an easy way for your favourite charity to receive a free donation that costs you absolutely nothing.

When shopping online with over 2000 retailers, you can select an option where the online retailer donates directly to Ceartas at no extra charge to yourself. All you have to do is make an account by following this link– and by following this particular link, Easy Fundraising will donate £1 directly to Ceartas, only for you signing up! But that’s just the start..

Once you have made an account, the site will ask you to download a secure programme in the form of a notification bar (screenshots below) that will alert you when you are on a website that offers free donation. It’s usually a small percentage of what you’ve spent but it all adds up. Notable websites include Amazon, Ticketmaster, B&Q, Argos, car insurance providers, travel websites and many, many more.

Admittedly, the team at Ceartas have only recently started using it, and as of writing this our top supporter has been our very own Karen Heath who has raised £1.80. We are now promoting it to our friends and across our social media platforms.

As everything we do at Ceartas is free, this method of free online fundraising will go a long way to supporting the service, groups, and events we run.


Spend online

Generate a free donation that costs you £0

Support the work of Ceartas in East Dunbartonshire


**Disclaimer: Ceartas does not encourage unnecessary shopping or frivolous spending. IF you are going to spend then why not do it for free and for a good cause. For Ceartas or other, of course..**


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