#GiveMeAVoice Campaign

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All at Ceartas would like to thank you for your recent support of the #GiveMeAVoice Campaign.

From early November leading up to our AGM on December 10th, we released a weekly photo that highlighted some myths and misconceptions that people have about independent advocacy, in hope of dispelling them. The photos went live across our social media platforms and the reaction from our friends and followers was immense, achieving a massive 171 retweets and 91 likes on Twitter, and 29 likes16 shares that reached 3598 people on Facebook. This support came from individuals, partner organisations and from a range of other supporters across the UK, helping us reach online audiences much further than just East Dunbartonshire.

A number of these supporters were in fact advocacy organisations: so by sharing and retweeting the photos we were essentially advocating for each other and helping our collective voice be heard when clearing up some misconceptions about advocacy. (That sentence hurt my head)

See below for all 7 photos including a special thank you to those helping us spread the word.








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