Ceartas Digest 22nd – 26th August 2016

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Ceartas Digest 22nd – 26th August 2016



Susie went to a Children’s Hearing in relation to an attachment disorder: a term used to describe disorders of mood and behaviour that have arisen from a failure to form attachments to primary care giving figures in early childhood.

Linda and Cheryl went to First Aid Training in Glasgow.



De Café Bearsden and a visit from Beth and Julia, both NHS Podiatrists, to discuss the best ways to look after our feet and how doing so can help prevent health issues and falls in future. You can read more about this here:

Chris went on a visit to Graeme Anderson House, ‘specialist neurobehavioural assessment and post-acute rehabilitation hospital, for people with a non-progressive acquired brain injury,’  in relation to advocacy support during a rehabilitation case.

Susie went on a visit to a local care home to discuss advocacy support in relation to appointeeship and an intervention order.

And we hosted Adult Support and Protection at McGregor House



In relation to our PATH training day, members of the team met to discuss expanding our outreach for professionals that are a potential source for referrals. The team agreed that a comprehensive list of contacts would need to be created before taking it any further, with all members of the team expected to contribute with their own personal contacts from an array of organisations.

Dementia Walking Football returned at Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre and will continue to run fortnightly until the 14th of December.



Gordon, donning his SIAA hat, attended a meeting with MacMillan Cancer Support about some potential joint work in future. Gordon and Karen also met to discuss some ideas for ‘Sporting Memories’, a group for those who may not be fit enough for Walking Football but enjoy sport and would like to talk about it, recalling nice memories from times gone by.

Ronnie went to a special Get Onside football tournament at Rugby Park in Kilmarnock, featuring Get Onside Graduates from a number of venues where the course has previously ran.

Cheryl went to Social Reporting training in Glasgow to learn some skills about how to collect meaningful and usable information about all activities at Ceartas that have a social impact, which covers a large area of what we do.


Friday – Kirkintilloch De Café at Kirkintilloch Baptist Church, and Alex went to Armadale Outreach.


And next week;

Team Lunch on Tuesday

ABI Café on Thursday

Walk n Roll on Thursday


And below is some pictures of Linda and Cheryl learning some first aid skills.

See you next week!

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