Get Onside gets a mention in Parliament!

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The Scottish Parliament chamber

All the members of the Shine Partnership were delighted when their work with the Get Onside project was recognised in the Scottish Parliament earlier this week. Jim Hume MSP tabled a motion which called on Parliament to ‘welcome what it considers the success’ of the Get Onside project in increasing participants’ confidence, resilience and understanding of Self-Directed Support.

The motion has cross-party support, and Ceartas are proud to be part of such an innovative programme which is supporting people to take control of their own care and support. We hope that we can continue to make progress with hard-to-reach service users through the medium of sport.

The only downside will obviously be that our beloved Chief Exec will  have to travel around between various sports venues, talking about sport and having a kick-around, instead of being in the office with us. Definitely taking one for the team there, Gordon.

You can follow the progress of the Parliamentary Motion here: Motions, Questions and Answers.


Information Worker at Ceartas Advocacy

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