Autistic Intelligence 2015

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On March 2nd, Linda and Brogan attended the annual Autistic Intelligence Conference at the Beardmore Hotel in Clydebank. Autistic Intelligence is an educational social enterprise made up of world renowned experts in the field of autism. They deliver conferences around the UK and beyond in an attempt to better inform parents and professionals alike about autism.

This is the second year representatives from Ceartas have attended and the line-up of speakers once again did not disappoint. The four presenters were Dr Olga Bogdashina, Dr Jacqui Jackson, Elaine Nicholson and Dr Luke Beardon who between them covered topics such as social relationships, effective counselling and sensory processing.

Perhaps the most memorable presentation was from Jacqui Jackson, a mother of 8 children, 5 of whom are on the autistic spectrum. She and her family featured in the 2003 BBC documentary ‘My Family and Autism’. Later this year, a follow up documentary will be aired showing what has changed 12 years on and the conference attendees were the first to see the trailer for this. Two of Jacqui’s sons also joined her including Luke who wrote his first book ‘Freaks, Geeks and Aspergers Syndrome’ at the age of 13.

Check out the Autistic Intelligence website which has more information about the speakers involved as well as a news section and updates on future conferences

At Ceartas, we can provide advocacy support to those on the autistic spectrum. We also run a monthly social group called A-spire. The group gives members the opportunity to share experiences, to develop new skills and friendships and to take part in a range of activities. This month we are heading to the BBC Scotland studios in Glasgow for a guided tour. Watch out for an update later this month!

For more information, call 0141 775 0433 and ask for Linda or Brogan


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