Glasgow Science Centre Visit A-Spire

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A-Spire continues to go from strength to strength keeping its members engaged and empowered through a variety of exciting events and awareness raising initiatives. This month the group members were visited by the Glasgow Science Centre’s On Tour team who delivered their pulse-raising Fit-Lab exhibition.

The workshop saw the group get interactive with a range of zoned exhibits which explored the human body’s capacity for endurance, strength, agility and coordination. Highlights included balance-boards, reaction-testing games and even a set of mind-reading bunny ears! The On Tour team were also on hand with a range of mind-boggling science facts and everyone left feeling thoroughly informed and entertained.

The group also did some preparation for their next meeting when they will be visited by Fiona Mcleod MSP. Following on from their referendum workshop and trip to Parliament, A-Spire members have been keen to take the next step in their political journey and hosting their local MSP will give them the perfect chance to do just that. The group have been very pro-active in raising awareness of the issues they feel are important for those on the spectrum and meeting Fiona will give them an excellent opportunity to discuss these at a meaningful and strategic level.


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