Ceartas to host Dementia Seminar

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Ceartas, in partnership with the Dementia Network, will be hosting a Dementia Seminar on Monday the 7th April from 10 – 2pm in Bearsden Baptist Church. The seminar aims to provide information on dementia to those in a pastoral role within churches and faith groups in East Dunbartonshire.

The purpose of the Dementia Seminar is to provide information on dementia, detail some of the supports available, discuss what activities and services are available to people with dementia locally and identify gaps. We also hope the event will help develop partnerships to take new ideas for supporting people with dementia forward.

Dementia can have a devastating effect on the individual, their family and carers and is often a time when people need the support of others. We have chosen to tailor this event towards those in a pastoral role as we realise faith groups provide great comfort to their members throughout their lives and play a vital role in supporting members at difficult times.

Faith groups will often provide that essential link between elderly, and often isolated people, to vital services therefore it is important that they are aware of the support available to people affected by dementia and have information on hand to aid signposting to services.

If anyone requires further information about the Dementia Seminar or dementia please contact Karen on 0141 775 0433.


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