Still Game presents . . .

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Still Game group presentation

Still Game members had the privilege of hearing one of their members, Nicola, give a presentation about her experiences of mental health over the years.  Nicola got the group to discuss some of their own knowledge and experiences of stigma around mental health.  As well as giving a historical background to some of the treatments over the years, Nicola shared some of her own experiences, both negative and positive in terms of services, things that have been helpful and how she has built a fulfiling and rewarding life despite the difficulties she has faced.  The group learned so much about mental health from Nicola’s very moving and encouraging presentation.  We are looking forward to other Still Game members giving similar presentations about conditions that affect them over the next few months.  Still Game are also going to be involved in re-designing our Advocacy Guide over the next few weeks.  Thanks again to all our Still Game members who continue to be at the heart of all we do as we grow and develop our advocacy services.