Still Still Game – 2 years on!

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Presentation Training

Still Game, our user involvement group, has gone from strength to strength over the past two years thanks to the commitment and dedication of its members.  They have worked with staff to help develop Ceartas’ services and tackle other issues over this time. The group have grown so much in confidence and in their ability to speak out and make sure their voices have been heard.  This month saw proof of this when two of its members gave presentations to the group!  Some of the members have been training and practicing to give presentations about their own conditions and experiences and last week, Tam and Sheila were in the spotlight!  They both overcame their nerves and fears and delivered brilliant presentations which the group found really helpful and moving.  We learned about things that affect them and we were able to ask further questions which gave us even more insights.  We want to say a huge thanks to Tam and to Sheila for doing this and also to Claire and Alan the volunteers who supported them to put these presentations together.  Well done!!  We’re really looking forward to further presentations from other Still Game members over the next few months.

Following the presentations Still Game ran a ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ Quiz which was great fun – including  ‘phoning their friend’ lifelines in the Ceartas office when they got stuck – not that they needed much help with both teams scoring maximum points in all rounds!!   Next it was the turn of Susie and Pauline, Ceartas advocacy workers to be in the Hotseat for a Mastermind style advocacy quiz.  Still  Game members fired questions at them about advocacy, legislation, etc and needless to say, they were both brilliant in their knowledge of all things Ceartas!

We had a packed room this month and it was fantastic to see so many people taking part, speaking out and encouraging each other.  I have to say Still  Game are very aptly named!!