John giving his ASD presentation

Following on from the training event that Still Game undertook last month, the group are meeting today to work on their presentations: what they want to say about their lives, and how they want to say it. Working with Ceartas volunteers and staff, the Still Game members are looking at a variety of formats in which to tell their stories.

Pam Thomson, Still Game co-ordinator, said, “The group are very excited and motivated right now, and they are really looking forward to making their presentations to each other within the group. After that, if they choose to do so, they may have the opportunity to go out into the community and make presentations to other groups and events”.

“From our previous work with the Advocacy Stories, we know that the real words and stories of service users create a powerful message. We want to support the Still Game members to have the opportunity to deliver that message, and influence the way that they are perceived and supported within their communities”.

Still Game is Ceartas’ user involvement group, which holds regular monthly meetings. If you are interested in Still Game, or if you are interested in the Still Game members’ presentations, you can contact Pam Thomson on 0141 775 0433 or email



Information Worker at Ceartas Advocacy