Anne Camps

Categories: Advocacy Stories

My name is Anne Camps and I first became aware of Ceartas when my husband was in hospital. He was in for knee surgery but suffered a stroke while there. This was a very difficult and frustrating time for both George and I as we were told he may need long-term care.

I was given the details of Ceartas from a neighbour who arranged for one of the advocacy workers to come to the house and speak to me. Lyndsey from Ceartas visited me at home and I explained George’s situation to her. She said she would need to meet with George and explain the service to him so we arranged for her to go to the hospital and meet him.

George was happy for Lyndsey to work with him and we both found support from Lyndsey in helping us to understand the treatment George was receiving.  There are so many things you don’t know and I didn’t feel able to ask the professionals any questions but the support George received from Lyndsey also helped me to understand what was going on. Lyndsey was able to ask the questions that we felt we couldn’t.

I was very strong in the view that George should come home and George was also of this view. Lyndsey attended a meeting with me on George’s behalf which I felt made a big difference. On your own you are a voice in the wilderness but when advocacy gets involved it makes a huge difference.

George is now at home and has carers who come in daily to help.  We received a lot of support from Lyndsey over this time and I knew I could pick up the phone at any time. George has come a long way since his stroke and he is now actively involved in Still Game which he thoroughly enjoys.


Information Worker at Ceartas Advocacy