Anand Bhavan Clinic “A Great Success”

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Last week Ceartas on behalf of the Dementia Network delivered Dementia Advisory Clinics in Anand Bhavan, East Dunbartonshire’s Ethnic Minority Daycare centre based in Kirkintilloch.

In partnership with colleagues from Social Work, staff provided a short talk on advocacy, local services and dementia with service users afterwards being able to speak to staff individually about their care, dementia and related issues.  In all, last week’s initiative spent time with around 40 individuals and provided specific information to a number on issues including Power of Attorney, caring for someone with dementia and coping with dementia.

Ceartas’ Information Development worker Karen Heath commented, “The whole week proved to be a great success and a more than useful exercise as it raised awareness about local services and advocacy. It also achieved getting information about dementia out to various communities and we are set to repeat the exercise later on in the year.”