Still Game – August 2011

Categories: News

Still Game Group met again this month to take forward the Action Plan which the group put into place recently. After lunch, the group spent some time getting to know each other better and then went ‘Through the Keyhole’ into the main office where they had fun meeting staff and trying to work out who sat where! (Some interesting clues were provided!) There were encouraging updates on how suggestions from the group have been implemented by Ceartas with positive results. The Group had a look at the Evaluation Questionnaire used by Ceartas and added their thoughts on how this could be amended. There was great fun when the group had a photo shoot and a quiz on things they’d learned the month before! It was also great to celebrate one of the group’s birthdays . . . with cake of course! Nicola Williamson interviewed Advocacy Worker, Susie Martin about De Cafe, a group for people who are living with or concerned about dementia or memory loss. Click to read the full interview De Cafe Interview.