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Concerned About Dementia? Leaflet

Other Services:

Dementia Advisory Clinics Leaflet

Group Information:

Still Game Leaflet
De Café Leaflet
ABI Café Leaflet


Cover of ABI Café Stories booklet
Advocacy: Our Stories booklet

Fact Sheets:

Independent Advocacy Factsheet
Power of Attorney Factsheet
Community Care Assessment Factsheet
Adult Support & Protection Factsheet
Still Game Factsheet
ABI Café Factsheet
Advance Statements factsheet
Dementia Services factsheet
Mental Health Resources factsheet
Guardianship Fact Sheet



Still Game Summer Newsletter 2014 
Ceartas Newsletter Summer 2014
 Ceartas Newsletter, Summer 2013 
Still Game Newsletter - Summer 2013

Third Party Information:

What Is The Office Of The Public Guardian?
What Is Power Of Attorney?
What is the Adults With Incapacity Act?
A Guide to Making a Power Of Attorney
Code Of Practice for Attorneys
Office of the Public Guardian - Frequently Asked Questions
Registering a Power Of Attorney
Revoking of Cancelling a Power Of Attorney

Annual Reports:

Ceartas Annual Report 2016 – 17

Ceartas Annual Report 2015 – 16

Ceartas Annual Report 2014 – 15

Ceartas Annual Report 2013 – 14

Ceartas Annual Report 2012 – 13

Ceartas Annual Report 2011 – 12

Ceartas Annual Report 2010 – 11

Ceartas Annual Report 2009 – 10

Ceartas Annual Report 2008 – 09

Ceartas Annual Report 2007 – 08

Ceartas Annual Report 2006 – 07