Dementia Services

Karen Dementia Awareness WeekCeartas has close links with a wide range of services for people affected by dementia in East Dunbartonshire. Ceartas Advocacy is a partner in the East Dunbartonshire Dementia Network, a local network of both statutory and voluntary organisations which aims to shape local services by:

  • Listening and responding to views and opinions.
  • Providing accessible information.
  • Raising awareness of local and national services.
  • Identifying gaps in local services, working together to find solutions and influence change.
  • Promoting existing good practice.

The East Dunbartonshire Dementia Network works with the Scottish Dementia Working Group to help capture the experience of living with dementia, and to try and find the best response to the problems people with dementia face.

Council Services

In order to access dementia services provided by East Dunbartonshire Council, you need to have a Single Shared Assessment (SSA) carried out. The SSA is a comprehensive assessment of a person’s needs, sharing information between Social Work and the Health Service. The SSA enables the NHS and Social Work to direct you to the services and treatment you need, and once you have been assessed as requiring services you should have the reassurance that Social Work know where you are and what your circumstances are. Some people can find the process of being assessed intrusive, and they are reluctant to give financial information, but there is nothing to lose by making a financial disclosure, and there may be quite a lot to gain. East Dunbartonshire Council provides a range of services for people affected by dementia, from Day Care and Home Care through to Welfare Guardianship under Adults with Incapacity.

Dementia Advisory Service

The Dementia Advisory Service is a unique outreach service where people who are affected by dementia can get access to information and advice on dementia-related issues in an accessible way. The service, currently operating in Kirkintilloch, Milngavie, Bearsden and Bishopbriggs, is staffed by partners from Alzheimer Scotland and Carers Link. Further clinics in Anand Bhavan and a dedicated hospital clinic service are provided by staff from Ceartas and colleagues from Social Work. There is also a home visit service for those who require information but are unable to attend the clinics. This flexible service is provided in an effort to ensure people get access to relevant information in a place, at a time, and in a way that is suitable to them. For further details please call Karen Heath on 0141 775 0433 or email

Dementia Advice and Information Service

Ceartas provides a Dementia Advice and Information Service to individuals affected by dementia. This information can be provided over the phone, by email, by visiting our offices or by arranging a home visit. Previous information enquiries have included:

For more information on the Dementia Advice and Information Service, call Karen Heath on 0141 775 0433, or email

Memory Group

The Memory Group is a six week course aimed at people with have recently been diagnosed with dementia and their carer. The group takes time to look at various issues affecting people with dementia and their carers. Each group is unique and the participants decide which topics they want to cover, previous topics have included:  what is dementia?, how do I access services?, how can I maintain my relationships? and are there adaptations and aids which can help me? As well as attendance at group discussions participants can ask for a home visit to discuss any issues they are facing which they would rather speak about in a more private setting. The Memory Group is run in partnership with colleagues from The Woodlands Centre and Alzheimer Scotland. For more information on the Memory Group call Karen Heath on 0141 775 0433 or email

Ceartas Dementia Voices

This dementia group is a user involvement group – which due to communication and memory issues tends to be a smaller and more focused group. Dementia Voices holds short meetings and has a high level of support available. For further details see the Ceartas Dementia Voices page.

Peer Support

It is well documented that peer support provides people with dementia and their carers with valuable opportunities to meet and learn from each other. We are delighted to have been awarded funding through Life Changes Trust to continue with this important aspect of our work.

Ceartas and the Life Changes Trust

The project will further develop Ceartas’ services that provide peer support for people with dementia in East Dunbartonshire, expanding the programme through their existing De Café model.

De Cafés are aimed at people worried about, or living with, dementia as well as carers and former carers. They offer information and advice, and also provide space for a tailored peer support service for people with dementia who may find it hard to reach out – where someone who has a shared lived experience of dementia can connect with and listen to them.

De Café members will also be involved in telling professionals and others in the community about dementia, addressing head on some of the stigma still associated with dementia and demonstrating that people with dementia can be active contributors.

The funding will be used for cafés in Kirkintilloch, Bishopbriggs, Bearsden and Milngavie.

This work is supported with funding from the Life Changes Trust.  The Trust is funded by the Big Lottery.

Please note: The Life Changes Trust was established by the Big Lottery Fund in April 2013 with a National Lottery grant of £50 million to support transformational improvement in the quality of life, well-being, empowerment and inclusion of two key groups in Scotland: people affected by dementia and care experienced young people.