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Independent Advocacy and Dementia

Independent advocacy is a way to help you to make your voice stronger and to have as much control as possible over your own life. Advocacy Workers do not make decisions on your behalf and they will not put words in your mouth. Independent Advocacy will help you get the information you need to make good choices, and give you the help you need to express yourself clearly.

Advocacy Workers understand the process you have to go through to get the care and support you need in order to live your life with some dignity and some quality, and we can represent your wishes if you are unable or unwilling to do so. Ceartas Advocacy can support anyone affected by dementia with subjects like Power of Attorney, Guardianship Orders under Adults with Incapacity legislation, issues around Adult Support and Protection, as well providing Independent Advocacy.


Dementia is a word used for a category of diseases rather than for one particular disease. Dementia is a progressive loss of brain function, including memory, cognition, attention, language and co-ordination. There are many individual types of dementia: Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), frontotemporal dementia, Pick’s disease, alcohol-related dementia (including Korsakoff syndrome) to name but a few.

Dementia affects approximately 1.5% of those aged between 65 – 69, rising to over 30% of those aged over 90. As the population of Scotland continues to live longer lives, it is expected that the number of people affected by dementia will also rise from the current figure of approximately 71,000.

Other Support for People affected by Dementia:

Dealing with the impact of dementia has been identified as a national priority in Scotland. The Scottish Government has published a Dementia Strategy, working closely with organisations like Alzheimer Scotland. There is a national centre of excellence for treatment and care of people with dementia in the Dementia Centre at Stirling University. East Dunbartonshire Council Social Work works closely with the community to provide the best care it can for people affected by dementia. You can find out more on the Dementia Services page.

If you live with someone who has dementia, or you care for someone who has dementia, then you are a carer. Carers are a vitally important resource in todays aging population: the work they do would be impossible to replicate or replace. There is specific support available for carers. Carers Link is a local organisation which supports carers, you can contact Carers Link on 0800 975 2131.

We host a monthly café in Kirkintilloch for people affected by dementia, to offer people with dementia and their carers peer support, advice and information. If you are interested in DeCafé, please contact the office for details. As a partner organisation in the East Dunbartonshire Dementia Network, we also help run Dementia Advisory Clinics across the area.