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Independent Advocacy and Additional Communication Needs

Independent advocacy is a way to help you to make your voice stronger and to have as much control as possible over your own life. Advocacy Workers do not make decisions on your behalf and they will not put words in your mouth. Independent Advocacy will help you get the information you need to make good choices, and give you the help you need to express yourself clearly.

Independent Advocacy can help someone with Additional Communication Needs by helping them to explore their options and express their choices. We can support them to make their voices heard if that is possible, and if not we can represent their views on their behalf.

Additional Communication Needs

Additional Communication Needs is a fairly broad category to describe people who experience difficulty in communicating information to other people, understanding what other people are communicating to them, or a combination of both.

Additional Communication Needs can include things like dyslexia, dyspraxia, agnosias, aphasias and dysphasias, sensory impairments and autistic spectrum disorders.

Other Support for Additional Communication Needs

There are a variety of support agencies and charities for different types of communication needs.

People with communication issues following a stroke can get support through the Stroke Association and Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland. In addition to the person who has had the stroke getting access to speech and language therapy, their carers and families can get training in supported communication techniques, as well as using communication and memory aids . Ceartas are also part of two new stroke support groups in East Dunbartonshire.

Support is available for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders through the National Autistic Society, Scottish Autism, and more locally through Orems Care and the Mungo Foundation.

Additional Support for people with Additional Communication Needs following a Brain Injury, or due to a Sensory Impairment is detailed on their own pages.